Événements et activités pour la semaine de l'utilisation équitable


La Semaine de l’utilisation équitable 2020 se tiendra du 24 au 28 février.

Si vous préparez un événement pour la Semaine de l’utilisation équitable, veuillez SVP soumettre les détails et nous les inclurons dans la liste ci-dessous. (Les détails sont inclus dans la langue de l’événement.)


De l’ouest à l’est du pays:

Creativity in the arts: The role of copyright

Date de l’événement
Mardi 25 février 2020 – 13 h 00 à 16 h 15
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Downtown Campus, Atrium Room, 8th floor (Room 825)

On Tuesday February 25, to mark Fair Dealing Week, SFU, UBC, Langara, KPU, VCC, and BCIT invite you to an afternoon of presentations and discussion exploring the impact of copyright and fair dealing on artists working in a variety of disciplines. Light refreshments will be served.

This event is free but registration is required – please register by February 18.

Note that the event will not be made available for webcasting, but sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing after the fact.

Learn more about the program and register online.

Fair Dealing Symposium

Date de l’événement
Mercredi 26 février 2020 – 9 h 00 à 16 h 30
University of Alberta, Maple Leaf Room, Lister Centre

As part of Fair Dealing Week 2020, the University of Alberta Copyright Office will be presenting a one-day symposium on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Speakers include Howard Knopf (MACERA & JARZYNA LLP) “Educational Fair Dealing: The State of the Nation,” Meera Nair (NAIT) “A post-truth existence for fair dealing in Canadian postsecondary institutions?”, Amanda Wakaruk and Adrian Sheppard (University of Alberta) “Deconstructing the Guidelines,” and Rebecca Katz (McGill University School of Information Studies) “Re-engaging Canadians with fair dealing: Fandom as stepping stone to copyright literacy”

Learn more about the program and register online


Fair Dealing Week @ UNB

Date de l’événement
De événements auront lieu tout au long de la semaine
University of New Brunswick

Webinars, information sessions and a rousing hand of the Canadian Copyright Card Game!

Learn more about the program and register online

What Exactly is Fair Dealing?

Date de l’événement
Jeudi 27 février 2020 14 h 00 HA
Saint Mary’s University – Location TBD

You hear the term “Fair Dealing” a lot, mostly in the education sector, but what does it mean? Join Copyright Librarian Amy Lorencz and Copyright Assistant Patricia Langille on debunking Fair Dealing myths and learn how to use Fair Dealing while respecting the Copyright Act and content creators. We will talk about how we evaluate what it means to be “Fair” through methods such as the Six Factors Test, Guidelines from Universities Canada, and communication with Publishers and Creators.

This is open to all Saint Mary’s University Faculty, Students, and Staff

Essential Copyright Exceptions for Students and Staff

Mardi 25 févirer 2020 10 h 00 à 11 h 00 HA
Webinaire (en ligne)

In recognition of Fair Dealing Week in Canada, the CAUL-CBUA Copyright Committee is hosting a webinar: “Essential Copyright Exceptions for Students and Staff”. This year, we will be examining the exceptions beyond fair dealing that students can use in the course of their education. These exceptions are also essential knowledge for instructors, librarians, and staff who advise and assist students. This webinar will cover four main topics: user-generated content, image use, theses, and issues raised by e-textbooks.

The content of this webinar is not to be considered legal advice. However, participants will have an opportunity to see a systematic approach to the assessment of copying and distribution of published works in an educational context. The presenters will also be happy to answer as many questions as time permits.

Learn more about the program and register online


Pour plus d’information sur les événements internationaux liés à la Fair Use/ Fair Dealing Week, veuillez consulter le site http://fairuseweek.org/.

Voir les événements des années passées : https://fair-dealing.ca/fr/evenements-annees-anterieures/