In Canada and in many other countries, fair dealing is a part of copyright that recognizes that certain uses of copyright protected works are beneficial for society and therefore do not require the permission of the copyright holder.

What does fair dealing mean to you?
Here are a few recent submissions:

“Through fair dealing, my professors are able to share work that has, in turn, inspired me to pursue and engage with their publications more widely. I wouldn’t be able to situate my research in the wider landscape in my field without including figures and images by other researchers in my thesis. Fair dealing lets me make these connections for my readers.”… Read more “Shifrah Gadamsetti”

Shifrah Gadamsetti
Sociology Student and President of the Students' Association
Mount Royal University

“Fair dealing plays an essential role in the dissemination of scholarly knowledge and the advancement of scholarship. It also helps us strike the crucial balance between appropriate use of copyrighted material and protecting authors’ rights. Fair dealing allows students and faculty to use scholarly information in an active way that teaches them the importance of crediting the sources they use.”… Read more “Tom Hickerson”

Tom Hickerson
Vice Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources) and University Librarian
University of Calgary

“Fair dealing is critical for innovative teaching and learning on campuses across Canada. It helps our instructors bring dynamic and relevant content to their courses, challenging students to think critically and creatively. Fair dealing demonstrates how bringing the latest research information encourages students to take part in larger disciplinary conversations, building on their knowledge.”… Read more “Leslie Reid”

Leslie Reid
Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) and Teaching Professor, Faculty of Science
University of Calgary

“The student experience, particularly at the graduate level, is dependent upon a high-quality academic education, intellectual growth and access to the resources required to flourish. Fair dealing supports all of these areas, enabling students to take their ideas to the next level through their scholarship and research with the right materials needed to respond to future opportunities and challenges.”… Read more “Brit Paris”

Brit Paris
Educational Research graduate student and President, Graduate Students’ Association
University of Calgary

“The Ottawa Public Library’s ‘Aging by the Book’ program is a volunteer-led reading circle, hosted in branches and in library homebound services locations (retirement residences), that helps older adults explore aspects of aging. Participants harness the power of stories to build a community of interest around a broad and flexible conception of aging by reading copies of excerpts from texts in the library’s collections to spark discussion.”… Read more “Ottawa Public Library”

Aging by the Book Program
Ottawa Public Library